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HandZaround Video & Photography

We're Hanna and Zach, a team in life and at work.

Hanna is a graduate of photography from University of the Arts London and Zach of education from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

After living in London and then travelling & working around the world as photographers & filmmakers, as well as running their HandZaround travel website and blog, they decided to come back to Zach's roots, and capture magical moments for the people & businesses in Australia.

Hanna has worked in photography & video for the past 7+ years, whereas Zach quit his job as a teacher and got into the video & photography world 2 years ago.

Since then they’ve been working as HandZaround - a production team of two!

Hanna & Zach are two real people that understand the importance of human interactions - their works are genuine, full of emotions and have a touch of their unique style. They have professional knowledge and experience gained through their constant travels and education.

They are all about engaging the audience and making them lost in the world that you want to take them to, at the same time always staying authentic.