With the alarming stats on our growing waste there are things you can do to reduce your own waste. We have listed a number of places in Central Geelong you can drop off those unwanted items. For cafes that offer an incentive to bring your own cup click here


Batteries disposal drop off location:

In Australia, over two thirds of the 350 million batteries purchased each year are sent to landfill. This makes them the most common form of hazardous waste. For free of charge disposal visit the City's customer service office location:

- City of Greater Geelong Customer Services


CDs, DVDs and covers:

Every part of your old CDs and DVDs can be recycled. The discs are used in the production of concrete, CD covers are also used for this purpose, as well as to create building materials. DVD covers are turned into outdoor furniture, garden pots and worm farm containers. Even the soft plastic sleeves of DVD covers; they become bin liners.

Drop them off free of charge at the City's Customer Service Centres and they will be recycled.

- City of Greater geelong Customer Services


Mobile Phones

There are approximately over 23 million unused mobile phones hidden in our drawers and cupboards across Australia. Of those 5 million are broken and no longer working. Over 95% of the resources in mobile phones can be recovered and returned to the supply chain to go back into making new products.

Mobiles phones along with their accessories are not biodegradable, but they are highly recyclable. On that basis they should not be disposed of in the bin as they contain harmful substances which, if not managed properly, could damage the environment

Below are a list of Central Geelong business' where your mobile can be recycled.


- Telstra Store - Geelong CBD

- Vodafone Store - Westfield Geelong

- Optus Store - Westfield Geelong

- Telstra Store - Westfield Geelong

- A1 Mobiles Kiosk - Malop Street

- Telstra Business Centre

For more information visit: https://www.mobilemuster.com.au/recycling/ 


Tv's and Computers

- Officeworks (all households and small businesses can recycle up to 5 computers and accessories for free at this site.)


Printer Cartridges

You can drop off your used or empty laser and inkjet cartridges at these locations. Inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges and toner bottles are accepted. This includes cartridges used in printers, photocopiers and fax machines.

- Officeworks (Up to 3 printer cartridges may be dropped off at any one time)

- Australia Post Gheringhap Street

- JB Hi-Fi. 


Recycling old Plastic Bags

Plastic bags can only be recycled by dropping them off at specially market bins at select Coles and Woolworths stores.

- Coles Supermarket is one of these operating recycling supermarkets.


Coffee Pods

Because aluminium is infinitely recyclable, every used Nespresso capsule has future potential. Help give your capsules a second life by returning them directly to Nespresso through the national recycling network that includes Smellies Flowers.

Smellies have capsule recycling boxes in the shop at all times ready for you come in, say "hi" and drop in your used pods.


Clothing and Household Goods

Market Square Shopping Centre have four clothing and household goods recycling drop off stations for the Geelong community to drop off their unwanted goods for recycling. The stations are located on every level of the car parking facility which is easily accessible for all customers.  The Recycle with Mondo for a Better World clothing and household goods stations are a partnership program between Market Square, GDP (Geelong Disabled People's) Industries and Southern Cross Recycling. GDP Industries are collecting the goods as part of their recycling program and wish to expand their services to support new jobs. Items accepted include mobile phones, kitchenware, toys, accessories, clothing and footwear. 

Don’t chuck those old runners in the bin! Save Our Soles is an initiative that recycles old sports shoes and sneakers to keep them out of landfill – where a whopping 25 million pairs end up each year! You can drop your old sports shoes off to Rebel Sport in GeelongThe recycled materials become new gym mats, flooring and even playgrounds! More at the Australian Sporting Goods Association site: asga.com.au/sos

Recycling clothes

A great way to reduce the amount of clothing waste while funding and giving to local charities is by opp shopping in Central Geelong. Participate in spring cleaning during National Op Shop Week (September 30th – October 6th) or try and find yourself a vintage style bargain at any of Central Geelong's three opp shops any time of the year.

Australian Red Cross Clothing

Geelong Hospital Auxiliary Op Shop

Salvation Army Family Store


Worm Farms and Compost Bins in Central Geelong

A fun way to reduce your waste is to feed your food scraps to a worm farm or combine your food and garden waste together and place them in a compost bin.

Your food scraps and garden waste can be turned into great compost - for your garden and pot plants.

To learn more about worm farming or composting, check out the Easy Compost and Worm Farming guides.