The Love Central Geelong app is your definitive tool for all things Central Geelong. The app is your "go to guide" to discover what to eat, see, do, visit, play, shop and explore in Central Geelong. We know there's a lot to Central Geelong and it can be hard to know where to start, so we've broken it down for you in this easy to navigate app.

Easily find yourself in the city with real time parking maps, public transport information, bike routes, car parks and take care of all your business and personal needs with over 500 professional services listed. Treat yourself to lunch at one of many eateries in the city offering express menus, quick bites or something a bit more indulgent and discover what's on, what's on special or be your own guide on a mapped walking tour.

Did we mention it's free?


Find a Business:

  • Find great retail, food, professional services, accommodation and attractions in Central Geelong.
  • Each of the 1200 business listings will give you their contact details and tell you how far away they are from where you currently stand.
  • Save your favourite businesses so you can access them quickly.- Contact businesses directly from the app with all businesses phone numbers listed.

What's Open Feature:

  • Hungry? Need a tailor? Need a doctor? Find out what cafes and restaurants are open and near you.
  • Search 'What's Open' and only get results for places that are nearby and open right now.

Offers and Events

  • Redeem exclusive offers and deals from a variety of businesses.
  • New offers frequently added.
  • Browse events month by month, view times, location and a short description of each event.

Getting Around:

  • Before heading into Central Geelong open up the parking zone map and glance the parking conditions and availability in real time.
  • Make your way easily through the city with interactive maps, public transport information and a link to bike routes.
  • Track the park and ride bus when in service and never be left wondering how far away it is.
  • Wander themed walking tours or take your own coffee crawl. Every stop is listed with the option to view its location on a map.