Whether you’re after a wash, shave, colour, buzz or simply just a tidy up we’ve rounded up these Central Geelong venues that cater just for the men.


Mango's For Men

The perfect venue for the distinguished gentleman of Geelong is Mango's for Men. Sit down in an Edwardian barber's chair in a true nostalgic barber shop & get a cut throat razor or haircut in this men's only salon.

Mangos for Men, 55 Corio Street, 5221 8430


Sloane Mens Grooming

If it’s a beard trim your after then meet the mens hair specialist team at Sloane Mens Grooming. You’ll leave this place feeling more confident, more educated on your hair and thoroughly enjoying your visit to the Salon. 

Sloan Mens Grooming, 6 Malop Street, 5221 4733


Jules Men Hairstylist

Jules Mens Hairstylist is dotted with antique-looking tin posters and old school razors from cutting of years gone by, giving this barber shop a rustic yet comfortable vibe. Walk out with a fresh new look and a new found confidence.

Jules Mens Hairstylist, 130 Lt Malop Street, 5221 7683


Armando's Hair Stylist

Armandos is your no-nonsense barber, no bookings required hair stylist. Just rock up, take a seat, give your hair style request to the man holding the scissors and these guys will get the job done in no time.

Armando’s Hair Stylist, 173 Ryrie Street, 5229 6673


His Hair Care by Sylvia

Tucked down an arcade Sylvia’s specialise in mens hair styling, perms and colouring. Sit down and have a good chat with your hairdresser about the direction your thinking and let these ladies give you the result you are after.

His Hair Care by Sylvia, "Belcher Arcade, 171 Moorabool Street, 5229 4592


Short & Sharp Mens Hairdressing

Struggling to get the little guy in your life to the hairdresser? Enter Short & Sharp Mens Hairdressing! With a very cool toy quad bike as a seat no boy will be able to resist the stool and once in the chair these guys will work their magic (quickly) while Dad gets his hair cut too. 

Short & Sharp Mens Hairdressing, 165 Ryrie Street, 5222 688 


Get Shorty Barber Shop

Okay gents put down the bats and throw away your caps. Whether you’re after a wash, shave, buzz or simply just a tidy up, step up to the plate (or make an appointment) take a seat and get the job done. 

Get Shorty Barber Shop, 81 Lt Malop Street, 0424 992 103


Alamarah Barbers

A Modern Barber Shop for Today's Gentleman of Leisure.

Alamarah Barbers, 110 Moorabool Street, 5298 1884


The Geelong Barbershop

Here is your traditional English barber. No appointment required. Rock up and get sharp. 

The Geelong Barbershop, 155 Moorabool Street, 0424 757 762