Today Central Geelong Marketing and Tourism Greater Geelong & The Bellarine hosted 'Define Your Digital Strategy' training, hosted by Dave Chaffey from KBB Digital. Those who attended walked away with some tips on how to formulate a digital strategy and how to stick to it.

Top tips to help you define your digital strategy

1. Work out who your business competitors are and where are they?

2. Where is your business and where do you want to be?

3. What do you want your strategy to achieve? Is it more website click throughs, more sales, more awareness of your business to a greater audience?

4. Do you have a good first impression to all customers? Is your contact details up to date, do you post regularly, do you have great reviews, are you easy to find? Make sure you stand out - in a positive way!

Four levels to attract both new customers and repeat customers.

Awareness - what steps will you take to raise awareness of your business - create more posts/blogs, use adwords/paid promotion on social media channels, seek reviews from past customers, competitions, remarketing campaigns

Interest - how to get them to click through to your website/blog. Know your audience! What do you think they like? Check out previous post analytics

Engagement - how do you get them engaged - activities/tools designed to help you build relationships - social media campaigns, Google Adwords, Blogs, eDM's

Committment - how will you get them to commit to signing up to your database/making a purchase etc. 

Plan! Plan! Plan!

 Develop your digital strategy now! Have a structured plan in place to address key issues as they arise. Review every few months to ensure you are achieving what you want to achieve. Be adaptable of changes and embrace them. Things don't always go according to plan!