We love our coffee so much that over 3 billion takeaway cups and lids are disposed of and never recycled. We've compiled this list of Central Geelong cafes now offering an incentive to bring your own cup and stop this growing trend. 

The Sprout and the Bean Cafe - .50c off when you BYO cup

Chapel on Little Ryrie - .30c off when BYO cup

Bear and Bean - .50c off when you BYO cup

Cafe Go - .50c off when you BYO cup

Freckleduck - .50c off when you BYO cup

Cafe Lorae - .50c off when you BYO cup

Grounds of Society - .30c discount when you BYO cup

The Courtyard Geelong - .30c discount when you BYO cup

Moo Mouth Coffee and Meal Prep - 40c off your coffee AND Moo Mouth also offer a BYO container deal. Get .40c off your meal prep meal

Little Green Corner have launched Mug Cycle. Swing past their takeaway window and grab your coffee to go in an old, quirky, retro, vintage mug. Return the mug and you get .50c back. 

Bean Squeeze -  .20c discount when you BYO cup

Seasons Cafe (Barwon Water building next to GPAC) - .50c discount when you BYO cup

Dennys Kitchen - .50c off when you BYO cup

Ebony and Ivory - 50c off when you BYO cup

Geelong City Muffin Break - 30c off when BYO cup

Rush Hour Café - 50c off when you BYO cup

For other responsible cafes visit: www.responsiblecafes.org

We love Geelong based startup One Good Cup. Cups are made from from bamboo and coffee lovers can subscribe to receive a cup. Return that cup to any affiliated cafe for a fresh cup or drop the cup off (yes it can be dirty!) at any affiliated café for a TOKEN. Use the TOKEN next time in an affiliated café to receive a fresh Cup when you order your take-away drink. Enjoy. Return. Repeat. For alist of participating businesses click here: onegoodcup.com.au/pages/cafe-champions