A music series celebrating Geelong's strong jazz culture in concerts featuring some of the regions best established and emerging talents.

Sunday 28 April 

This second soiree will feature Wayne Jury – a renowned Geelong-based vocalist and guitarist.

“Wayne Jury is one of the best blues singers in this country.” Michael Smith, Drum Media Sydney.

Wayne Jury is more than blues. Recognised as a multitalented tunesmith (signed as ‘House Writer’ and artist to the legendary J Albert and Son Publishing, home of ACDC, Rose Tattoo, Easybeats since 1994.) His versatility as a performer sees him at ease with ensembles or solo, delving deep into soul, jazz, and rock to combine these genres with his distinctive voice, style, and performance.

Sunday 26 May

An afternoon of jazz trio music featuring Rob Gador and Sean Loughran