Dr Deanne Gilson is a proud Wadawurrung woman, emerging elder, cultural educator and award-winning visual artist from Ballarat Victoria. Gilson works primarily in clay, painting, digital imagery and fabric design.

Gilson's new exhibition Wadawurrung Dja: Awakening Country, features a vibrant mix of twenty paintings and textile works. The exhibition includes ten newly created contemporary ceremonial cloaks using Gilson's unique fabric designs.


Gilson captures the changes throughout the six Wadawurrung seasons by painting her Dja (Country), people, plants and animals. Wadawurrung Dja: Awakening Country is a celebration of new life as each season brings about subtle changes of birds nesting in the cool season, flowers blooming with life and the deep cultural knowledge embedded within the trees.

The six seasons artworks capture one being traversed through different layers of country from the under country to the sky country, all is accepted as being linked as one. 

Deanne’s practice allows a space for personal healing to take place and reconnecting to her lost and stolen women’s business that dates back to pre-colonisation. Creating new links to draw upon in her art practice, education and personal life today. 


Image Credit: Bogong Moth Ceremony at You Yangs, Deanne Gilson, 2022