Throughout May, Platform Arts is handing over the control of their curated gallery program, inviting artists to direct the content of a new open call exhibition, After Walter Hopps. Operating in reverse from the standard exhibition format of fixed works and a preview, After Walter Hopps will open with an empty gallery space, and will culminate in one conclusive hang and exhibition presentation at the ‘final viewing’, silent auction and closing party on Friday, 03 June.

Over 22 days, artists will have the opportunity to bring in new and existing works which will be installed in the gallery space on a first-come, first-served basis in a challenging curatorial exercise. The overall aim is to fill the gallery from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, in a show that takes shape both cumulatively and expansively. After Walter Hopps aims at removing the restrictions enforced in an institutional gallery setting – opening it up for civic reclamation through showcasing the works of all who dare to call themselves an artist, irrespective of profile or reputation. Platform Arts will accept anything that the maker wishes to call art, that can fit through the gallery doors, that can be constructed in the space, or that happens or is performed in the space. Walter Hopps famously said, ‘I'm not just interested in artists who are deservedly famous,’ [or] the gallery's ‘right person.’ ‘Some people I've shown will never be; that doesn't make their art less interesting to me.’ After Walter Hopps is Platform Arts' attempt to create a local and expanded arts environment that encourages experimentation, creative risk, cross-disciplinary dialogue, and constructive chaos. This exhibition takes its inspiration from Walter Hopps' 36 Hours project held at MOTA (Museum of Temporary Art), Washington, USA in 1978. A renowned non-conformist, maverick curator, and transcender of boundaries, Walter Hopps’ seminal project 36 Hours was an open call for any artist to take a single work to the gallery without any chance of rejection or censorship, where he would personally hang the works as they arrived. The show was inclusive, making no distinction between artists or selection of works, the only limitation being a size restriction. Platform Arts is wheelchair accessible via the Gheringhap Street entrance.

For accessibility enquiries, please directly contact