Come and see a range of different performers in Little Malop Street Central these holidays! You will find these exciting performers outside the entrance to Market Square unless indicated otherwise! All these events are FREE!

Here's the line-up:

Two Snow Princesses
When: Monday 28 June
Time: 11am-12pm


Tap Dancing Around the City
When: Tuesday 29 June
Time: 12pm-2pm
Where: Tapping their way between Union Street and Yarra Street outdoor dining parklets.


Inflatable Snowman and Snowflake
When: Wednesday 30 June, 10:30am – 12:30pm
Time: 10.30am-12.30pm
Where: Catch our winter walkers roving between outdoor dining parklets in Central Geelong - Yarra and Union Streets


Acapella Performers - Acapella singers, rugged up, cosy and warm performing a variety of songs.
When: Wednesday 30 June
Time: 12pm-2pm
Where: Find them between the Yarra Street and Union Street outdoor dining parklets.


Come and Try Music and Percussion with Nic Dacomb
When: Friday 2 July
Time: 11am-1pm


Ice Queen and Snow Princess Singing Meet and Greet
When: Monday 5 July
Time: 10am-12pm


Wonderous Circus of Whimsical Wonders - Featuring Ringmaster Nic Dacomb
When: Wednesday 7 July 11am – 1pm
Time: 11am-1pm


Happy Hoops - Come and Try Hula Hooping
When: Wednesday 7 July
Time: 12pm-2pm


This event forms part of the Winter School Holiday Kids Fun Guide. Click here to see the full program.