Nicholas Dacomb is a talented performer with over 10 years in the industry, specialising in puppetry and circus. The Bebop Circus is designed to introduce kids to the magic of circus.

There are five circus skills videos, a high wire show and puppet show to keep the kids entertained at home. Circus skills suit children aged 5-10 years and the Krazy Koala Puppet Show is for ages 2-8 years.

All videos can be watched on our YouTube Channel at any time.

Circus Skills

Juggling: This episode covers the basics of juggling. How to juggle different objects and how to make your own juggling balls. 

Balance: This episode covers the world of balancing on objects. We do some basic balance exercises, look at different things you can balance on and learn some tips to make balancing easier. 

Stability: In this episode we will learn how to find the centre of gravity with different objects. We will learn how to balance a broom and a feather on our hand and discover different places we can balance objects. 

Clowning: In this episode we look at being a clown, what makes clowns funny and we learn some basic clowning techniques so you can make your friends laugh.

High Wire Show 
In this special episode we get a glimpse into what it’s like to walk a high wire three meters above the ground. Nicholas Ridiculous will show you his skills on the wire filmed in a special location high up in the Otway mountains. 

Krazy Koala Puppet Show 
Settle in for this special show combining live music and puppetry. Meet a bunch of charismatic puppets as they perform their favourite songs. Dancing is not just recommended its encouraged.