Explore Augmented Reality fun with our series of fun Christmas in Central Geelong Colouring Sheets. Bring the Floating Christmas Tree to life at home and look out for the Central Geelong Christmas Elf.

Collect a colouring sheet from a Central Geelong Christmas Elf, The Carousel, or download here. Remember to colour in your picture FIRST and then watch your colouring come to life on the 'creativitek' app. 

- Christmas Elf and the Central Geelong Floating tree

- Christmas Elf and the Gingerbread Man

- Christmas Elf and his Drone

- Santa and a Reindeer


You can also collect a colouring sheet from any of the Santa Stops identified on the Trail Map

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This activity forms part of the Central Geelong Christmas Trail. Click here for other great events and activities on the trail.