Would you like to learn how to make your own great candles from start to finish? Join us in one of our 2 hour soy candle making classes and be shown each step of the process as you work alongside the instructor to create your own beautiful coloured and scented candles. You will be shown step by step how to prepare your materials, at what temperature to melt your wax, when the ideal time to add colourant and fragrance is. You will also run through some trouble shooting scenarios that will help you if you ever get stuck at home. Learn how to utilize different wick sizes for different purposes and what temperature your wax should be melted at.

This 2 hour candle making class is great for people who are new to candle making, with no skills, or people just wanting to refresh their skills. This is the perfect class to bring a friend along with you, so that they can share in the creative process.

Cost $99