As they made their way into the city centre, daydreaming about their weekend together, they were looking forward to this much needed Romantic Weekend in Geelong. Amazing views, privacy and each other, what more could they want?


After a relaxing drive in they were both ready to sit down and have some lunch. What better place than James Street Bakery to sit down and enjoy each others company. After sampling their fresh lunch menu, they spent time talking and laughing with one another, a thing they rarely get time to do anymore.


Following their long lunch they decided to take a nice romantic stroll around the city, following the See the Sights Trail, taking in everything from the Geelong Library and Cultural Centre to the Geelong Botanic Gardens, making the most of their time together.


Making the most of their alone time, they decided to lash out and have a nice dinner together. Heading up to Empire Grill, dressed to impress (each other of course), having the time of their lives. Enjoying a great 3 course meal they were having the time of their lives, being with each other.


To end the night they ended up stopping at Blis Ice Cream to cleanse the palette and to finish the night off on a sweet note before heading back to their apartment.


Just before they turned in for the night they decided to take one last look at the view from the Novotel, before making their way to bed together.


Waking up the next morning they decided to enjoy a nice breakfast at the Waterfront Restaurant before heading back out into town to get in some last minute alone time.


Before heading off the next day they decided to make one more stop and enjoy a nice long brunch before hitting the road. Deciding to visit Café Lorae turned out to be a great decision as the brunch they were offered was the perfect send off to a fabulous weekend of alone and romantic time together.



Best part is this could be you! Make your next RomanticWeekend a GEElong weekend and have as much fun as they did.