As they made their way into the city, exploring reviews and taking notes, they were looking forward to this much needed Gourmet Weekend in Geelong. Good coffee, great company and amazing food were all there to look forward to.


Coffee was the first thought they had when getting out of their car. It had been a while since their last cup and it was time to sit down, relax and enjoy another one. They stumbled across Fuel Coffee + Food while exploring the Little Malop Street West precinct. Once there, they realised they had come to the right place. The atmosphere was great and the coffee was even better!


Following their coffee pit-stop, they decided to wander around the streets and see what the city had to offer. Finding all sorts of bargains along Ryrie Street in places like Ishka and The Squire Shoppe, spending their time and money exploring before deciding that it was time to enjoy a beautiful Alfresco lunch.


After exploring and trying to find the perfect place they finally happened upon Customs House. With an amazing view of the Waterfront, excellent outdoor dining and all importantly great tasting food. Spending the afternoon like this was exactly why they had come down to Geelong.


Their late afternoon was spent strolling along the Waterfront taking in the sights from Cunningham Pier all the way down along the foreshore to Eastern Beach Promenade before deciding to find a nice dinner spot to enjoy an evening of great food and company.


Deciding on this dinner spot was a task that wasn’t easy. The place needed to have a great meal on offer but they weren’t after something you could get anywhere. They wanted to try something different, which is how they came to settle on Mexican Republic as their restaurant for the evening. The décor of the space, the atmosphere it provides and the quality of the food (which is enhanced by both the décor and the atmosphere) made this dinner one they would never forget.


Before ending the night they decided to go and take in the views of the waterfront again, only this time, the night sky changed the vibe of the whole precinct. Taking it all in, they headed out on the pier and over the water to enjoy a drink or two at City Quarter before turning in for the night.


Before heading off the next day they decided to make one more stop and enjoy a nice long brunch before hitting the road. Deciding to visit The Backyard Café turned out to be a great decision as the brunch they were offered was the perfect send off to a fabulous weekend full of delicious gourmet food in Geelong.



Best part is this could be you! Make your next Gourmet Weekend a GEElong weekend and have as much fun as they did.