As they made their way down the Princes Highway, laughing and chatting along, they were looking forward to this much needed Girls Weekend in Geelong. Being able to sit alfresco at the waterfront while nursing a cocktail, enjoying a well deserved massage and shopping up a storm.


Food was the first thing on their mind when they arrived. They needed somewhere to be able to sit around for as long as they liked, while of course catching up over some quality food. Freckleduck seemed to be the perfect place to achieve this. Sitting outside on a nice day for a couple of hours, unwinding from the drive and enjoying great food was one of the main reasons they decided to spend their weekend here.


After enjoying the first taste of the weekend, they headed over to Westfield to complete some much needed retail therapy. After all, what else are Girls Weekends for? Browsing around the multitude of different stores, finding bargain after bargain, turned a weekend of spending time together into more than what they had hoped for, after all they found something for everyone and got to enjoy the experience together. A spot of shopping was definitely a high point of the trip.


After enjoying a gourmet dinner at Bistrot St Jean they decided they weren’t ready for the night to be over so they headed to the one stop shop for all late night sweet tooth needs, Armageddon Cake. Indulging over some great cakes while listening to some smooth tunes and releasing the inner competitor over some classic board games was a great way to end the night and wind down after being on the go all day.


 With their sweet tooths finally satisfied, heading back to their beds was the perfect way to end the night and prepare for the next day, not to mention heading back to their view at the Vue Apartments was making it all worthwhile. The stunning outlook over the Waterfront and with Eastern Beach providing the perfect focal point, this picturesque setting provided the perfect backdrop for a relaxing Girls Weekend.


Feeling refreshed and energised for the next day of their long weekend, they decided to treat themselves to a day of relaxation and pampering, another essential for a Girls Weekend. First stop, Vue Day Spa, for a relaxing massage and a facial. Then it was on to Blondie to have their hair done. A simple blow-dry and then styling to cap it all. Last stop on the pamper train was Hilary Holmes Make-up to complete the look. Teamed with the shopping from the previous day, they were set for a night out on the town after a relaxing day being looked after from head to toe.


Ending up at Piano Bar for the evening, they enjoyed a night filled with drinks, laughter, good company and good tunes.

Waking the next day and packing to leave was difficult but was made easier by the fact that a GEElong weekend was possible at any time.


Best part is this could be you! Make your next Girls Weekend a GEElong weekend and have as much fun as they did.