As they made their way into town, taking in the scenery, they were looking forward to this much needed Fun Weekend in Geelong. Exploring the sights, enjoying good food and good company was in store.


Finding somewhere for the kids to unwind was the first thing on their mind as they parked the car. Walking down to the waterfront it was easy to see where that would happen. The Carousel looked like a great place to be able to unwind and let the kids have some fun, riding round and round on the beautiful horses.


After winding the kids down it was time to grab some lunch and fuel for the rest of the day. Walking along the waterfront, they found the The Geelong Boat House and decided to grab some fish and chips to enjoy while taking in the views of Corio Bay.


Letting the kids unwind at Poppy Kettle Playground – Western Beach while they finished off their meals made sure that the kids were still having fun while they got to relax for a short period of time.


It didn’t last long though because the kids were ready to take on the next fun challenge. Moving down to the other end of the foreshore, they enjoyed family time playing in the waters of Eastern Beach. Jumping off the platforms, splashing around in the ocean and having a fun time in the swimming baths was all they needed to make a good day even more fun!


The next day, after falling asleep early from exhaustion, they were all ready to go again. First on the agenda was heading to Timezone for some healthy competition. Enjoying a range of arcade games from Basketball to Pacman, and Guitar Hero to Mario Kart, they tried everything under the roof, including an all out war in Lazerquest.


Ready to fuel up for the remainder of the day they headed to The Groove Train to enjoy a meal together. After enjoying this nice meal together, the kids were ready for another hit of fun so they headed to Eastern Park Playspace and let the kids run a muck there, enjoying the play space and all it has to offer.


Soon after it was time to head off back home after a weekend of action and adventure. Before they did though there was one stop that they had to make. A nice icy treat from Miss Gina Gelato to make the last stop of this long weekend a sweet one.


Best part is this could be you! Make your next Fun Weekend a GEElong weekend and have as much fun as they did.