Want to practice your mindfulness skills? In this fortnightly drop-in class our host Bec from The Mind Room teaches a half hour practical session on mindfulness through meditation and everyday activities.

Bec will guide you through formal and informal meditation sessions with a focus on either breath, body, emotions, compassion or connection.

She also spends time with a focus on mindfulness practices in daily life, such as mindful movement, eating, drawing, music and conversations. She helps you to integrate mindfulness into your life for more clarity, focus and calm.

This class is friendly, practical and a great way to connect with other people in a relaxed, small group format. Classes are facilitated by The Mind Room psychologists and budding psychologists in training.

Bookings are essential, as the groups are capped at a maximum of 10 participants. All welcome (beginners to experts).

Want to find out more about what mindfulness is, what it does, who it helps and the evidence-based research? Check out The Mind Room's library with free resources on mindfulness and a range of other positive psychology topics here.

Class Schedule

Classes are 30 minutes and go from 12.30 PM to 1.00 PM

What you will learn

How to practice mindfulness with meditation
How to practice mindfulness through everyday activities
How to focus attention and unhook from a busy mind
What you will get

A relaxed and friendly space to practice mindfulness skills (beginners and experts)
A moment of calm in your daily routine
Access to The Mind Room eLibrary
What to bring

Your body + mind + attention
What to wear

Whatever you have on
Appropriate for

Beginners to advanced. Anyone looking for a friendly, relaxed place to practice mindfulness.

The Impact Workshop is located at the base of the TAC Building, however, our entrance is on Corio Street (opposite The Inn Hotel)