An epic tribute to stupid fun.

Bridging the gap between how generations play games, Go, Go, GO! is quirky, spontaneous and fun. Drawing inspiration from classic games, ranging from retro video games to school yard classics plus some they’ve invented along the way, the Dolls have given them a circus twist. Entertaining with a sprinkle of nostalgia, Go, Go, GO! draws on stunning acrobatics and ingenious physical theatre to create a playful, hilarious, spectacular world that celebrates why games - in all their various forms - continue to stand the test of time.

Go, Go, GO! premiered as part of the Poppy Seed Theatre Festival in 2018 under the previous title 'Tandem'. The title was changed to better reflect the show. We wanted to create a show that didn't take itself too seriously (in contrast to current world events) brings people together through a shared sense of play.

Suitable for all generations of the family, expect to leave with sore cheeks and reminisce about those childhood games we’ve all loved.