Medimime Productions Inc. is proud to present, Aladdin, the traditional story of the poor laundry boy, who gets ideas far above his station. Aladdin is determined to catch sight of Princess Jasmine even at the risk of his life. He eventually manages this and they immediately fall in love. This almost costs Aladdin his head, but just as the Empress' executioner is about to cut his life short he is rescued by his 'Uncle' Abanazar. He in return, asks Aladdin to retrieve a lamp from inside a mountain cave. But an argument ensues and Abanazar seals Aladdin in the cave and leaves him there to die.

Will someone magical help him escape the cave? Will he defeat Abanazar? Will he win the hand of Princess Jasmine? A wonderfully funny panto, with some great routines, jokes and one-liners. Also includes a traditional ‘it's behind you' routine involving Nobby the Panda, plus a terrific laundry scene and much more.

This pantomime is suitable for the whole family and features a mix of modern and well-known music. All proceeds donated to Bellarine Centre 6 South – Maternity Services at Barwon Health - University Hospital.

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