Love your dog? Wanna capture its likeness in a portrait made by your own hand and with love? Of course you do!

Join us in our “Paint your Dog” painting class where our talented instructors will show you how to do you doggo justice with a paintbrush, you are welcome to come with any photo of your pet (even if it’s not a dog) and we will help you. Cats, birds, rabbits- we love them all!

Couple of important points for our paint your pup sesh:

● you can’t bring your dog to the National for the class so please being a few photos to choose from;

● if you don’t have your own pupper, that’s ok too. You can paint someone else’s and bring a photo of a dog you’d like to paint;

● You can eat and drink while you are painting so come hungry!

As always, we’ll talk you through the process and show you how step-by-step, as well as supplying all of the necessary materials.

We use a acrylic paints and pencils and provide everything you will need. You don’t have to bring anything – just show up with your buddies or be ready to make some new pals, while having a blast! At the end of class, you’ll take home your own unique masterpiece.

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