Every year, The Champagne Dame creates a new show for Global Champagne Day! This year Kyla will be showcasing Grand Marques Versus Grower - telling both sides of the story.

A ‘grand marque’ quite literally translates to a ‘big brand’ but in French the title for this group of Champagne houses has such an impressive and imposing sound and rightly so. Grand Marques are the biggest houses in champagne in terms of sales and the corresponding size of their brands.

Grower or ‘Recoltant’ in French is a producer that owns 95% of the fruit they use for making champagne. Legally they can buy up to 5% to supplement their production. Grower champagne accounts for just 3% of champagne sold annually.

The Grand Marques however are not as 'Terroir-driven' as the smaller, growers of Champagne. It's not right or wrong, better or worse, it's just different. We will show you the difference over 6 champagnes - three grand marques and three growers who are instrumental in leading their respective sides of Champagne.

Price includes 6 champagnes and nibbles. Tickets $149.00 per person