What comes to mind when you think of wool? Sheep? Maybe! Spiders? Surely not!

Acclaimed contemporary artist Kathy Holowko brings 'Spidergoat & The Insect Electro" to the National Wool Museum – an enchanting installation provoked by the story of goats making spidersilk in the USA.

Visitors to the National Wool Museum will unravel this unusual and thought provoking story about the new animal fibre – with USA based researchers breeding 'Spidergoats' to produce artificial silk from their milk.

With the fibre now recognised as being stronger than steel, 'Spidergoat & The Insect Electro' takes visitors through the story of this incredible scientific development, with light filled cocoons and electro beats guiding visitors throughout the installation.

Kathy Holowko's work has appeared at Federation Square, NGV, White Night, Sydney Festival, Montalto, Sculpture by The Sea, ArtPlay, Bendigo Conservatory, Albury Library Museum, Utrecht University Museum, and BAK gallery amongst others.

This event forms part of the Tastes of Central Geelong Festival. Click here to see more great events happening between 6-29 July.