So excited to be bringing you Amir for this beautiful workshop... Crystals are powerful tools with the potential to provide aid in times of hardship, or can be promoters of enhancement in states of readiness. When combining the potential of crystal energetics with known sacred geometry, uncharted realms of your imagination, and the power of focused intention, the potential becomes limitless.

Ideal for beginners through to practitioners, this workshop will aim to provide basic through to advanced concepts and techniques to allow for accelerated potential to be realized for personal use or treatments. Utilizing various teachings and techniques from energetics, meditation, visualization, martial arts, dance, breath, and the realms of beyond, a nurturing space will be provided for learning, along with the opportunity to play with various gridding and crystal programming techniques.

Look forward to expanding your metaphysical toolkit for the altruistic benefit of all through the wonder of crystals!

What to Bring?
Notebook and writing tool (Fresh and ready for years of revisiting)
Any crystals or wands or talismans of importance to you (you’ll know which)
Relaxed attire to move and stretch in
Pillow or Jacket to sit on

-Crystals will be provided for your use with the potential for purchase:
6 clear quartz
6 citrine
6 amethyst
6 black obsidian

Amir is a student, teacher and youth worker who works with spirit, crystals, and breath for altruistic benefit. His aim in this life is to provide the tools to empower individuals to create balance, discover the foundations self, and instigate expansions on all levels of conception.
When: 29th April 2018
Time: 3pm to 5.30pm
Where: Our Satellite Hearts 8 James Street Geelong
Investment: $95
Booking is essential on 0438 6155 89

We look forward to seeing you & remember to smile