Celebrating 2018’s Month of Tea - Sip For Peace

No one alive has experienced global peace. There is no shared vision or language. Tea has the potential to empower individuals to reclaim a personal sense of peace and inspire a vision of what could be. We can share a simple practice . . . Sip for Peace.

For the month of January,TEACHA would like to offer each customer a free high quality teabag to use as part of the Sip For Peace event. There will be an option of either herbal blend or tea. All of our blends are hand blended in Geelong. 

What is "Sip for Peace"?

One annual tradition for the Tea Sippers Society is to celebrate January as the Month of Tea. Our theme for January 2018 Sip for Peace.

Join tea lovers from around the world to blend visions of World Peace with the peaceful flavor of peace.

- Receive daily emails pair a meditation on tea and peace with an exploration of thirty-one tea growing regions.
- Taste the Global Tea Blend - a limited edition blend of green tea from these thirty-one regions.
- Share a Sip In event with family, friends or a community group; Schools, Libraries, Reading Groups, Meet-ups, Tearooms.

All Tea Sippers Society Members receive the daily emails and are encouraged to read the content, expand to consider how our world will be different without war.

Check out our website: www.TeaSippersSociety.com for more information