The Glitter Project Collective is here to make sure that you dedicate more time to those things that make you sparkle and make your soul smile. The Glitter Project Collective - Geelong is a one-day event that will be held in Geelong for the first time on 15th July 2017.

It is for women of all ages and aims to awaken the awesomeness of all women in the Geelong region. It combines speakers, workshops, entertainment and shopping and will cram all kinds of inspiration to get you started on your own ‘Glitter Project.’

The Glitter Project Collective is for women who are ready to take a leap of faith to follow their dreams, try something new, reinvent themselves, needing to remind themselves how wonderful they already are connect with others to learn more about their next steps to greatness
in need of some pampering and retail therapy looking for inspiration most importantly are needing a day out to celebrate how fabulous they are! The day will be filled with a host or inspiring women, organisations and entertainment that fall under one or all of the following areas - personal and interior styling, unleashing your creativity, setting goals for yourself and achieving them, looking after your physical and mental wellbeing, entrepreneurial inspiration, shopping and/or pampering yourself. The event will provide opportunities for women of all ages to listen to keynote speakers, get involved in activities/workshops to ignite passions and provide direction, put them in touch with key organisations and contacts that can provide support and guidance for them to realise their dreams, be inspired by creativity, and enjoy moments of relaxation, indulgence and connection.